Each kit contains six nylon locking straps with six 1 / 8 " spacers and one quart ( 1.85 lb .) automotive body filler . For columns over 12 ft height , or 14 " diameter , two kits will be required per column . Turncraft recommends using a carbide or abrasive ( Carborundum or similar ) blade to trim the shaft .
NOTE : Split columns / pilasters are not load bearing , nor can they be considered structural in any way , even when installed according to these instructions . Do not attach railing or other items requiring support directly to the column / pilaster : these must be connected to a structural member inside the column / pilaster or the wall behind the pilaster ( see Diagram 1 ). Turncraft does not provide a warranty on split columns .
1 . Measure the exact height at the location the column is to be installed . Be sure to include any draft angle your installation requires . The column must be trimmed 1 / 4 " to 1 / 2 " less than exact height .
2 . Transfer these measurements to the column . Any excess must be trimmed from the bottom of the column .
3 . Install L-brackets on each side of the column , two on the top and two on the bottom . Pre-drill the column to insert the bolts and do not over tighten the nuts as the column may fracture .
4 . Install the column halves around the existing support . Carefully align the two halves together . Slip two 1 / 8 " spacers onto each nylon strap . Loosely install the nylon straps around the assembled column approximately 2 to 3 feet apart ( larger diameter columns may require two or more straps joined end to end to encircle column .) Insert 1 / 8 " spacers into each side of the column and then pull the nylon straps tight ( photo at right ). After all straps and spacers have been installed , position the column and secure the L-brackets to the top and bottom surfaces .
5 . Follow the body filler manufacturer ' s mixing recommendations . Work the body filler into the joints with a plastic body filler spreader or putty knife .
6 . Wipe or scrape away any excess body filler . After the body filler has cured , cut the nylon straps and remove the spacers . Fill the areas of the joints where the spacers and straps had been with body filler .
7 . After all of the body filler has cured , sand the joints smooth with sandpaper . If necessary , fill any low spots with body filler . Sand again until smooth .
8 . Apply construction adhesive to the top of the cap . Push the cap up against the ceiling surface being careful to align the square portion of the cap to the surface . Apply construction adhesive to the bottom of the base . Push the base down against the floor surface being careful to align the square portion of the base to the surface . 9 . Caulk the joint between the cap and the column shaft and the joint between the base and the shaft . 10 . Column must be painted . Follow the recommended procedure on the instruction sheet included with the cap and base .
Columns are not to be used in a free standing application . An internal structural support will be required on free standing applications . If this column is installed where it could collect water or debris , the top of the column and cap MUST be flashed ( covered ) to prevent such collection . Use lead , copper , aluminum , galvanized , etc . flashing cut slightly larger than the cap , and fold the edges down over the cap before step 8 . It is not permissible at any time to fill the interior of the column shaft with sand , concrete or any other material .
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