Instructions for Attaching Handrails to Turncraft Poly-Classic ® Columns

Rail toColumnKit # 71758

Stabilizer Screw if needed
Wood Screw
Metal Angle Bracket
1 . Trace the curve of the column ( a contour gauge is helpful ) at the desired rail height . 2 . Copy the curve to the end of the rail which will be attached to the column . 3 . Carefully cut the end of the rail to ensure an attractive , tight fit . 4 . Attach metal Angle Bracket to the bottom of railing using rust proof wood screws . 5 . Mark desired spot on column shaft . 6 . Drill pilot hole in wall of column , slightly larger than toggle bolt . 7 . Attach angle bracket to column wall with toggle bolt . The toggle bolt will spread any force applied over a wide area of the inside of the column . Do Not Over-tighten !
( Note : the stabilizer screw is not included . It would be used to prevent rotation of the rail . A hole the same size as your screw head is drilled through the column . The screw is driven into the end of the rail . The screw head slips into the hole in the column shaft , keeping the rail from turning .)