IMPORTANT--Read This First Before installing your new Disappearing Stairway , contact your local Building Code Office to insure this product meets your local building codes . Please read and understand the following :

Installation & Operation Instructions Folding Stairways

American Stairways Models 444 , 544 , 655 & 800 Bessler Space Saver
IMPORTANT--Read This First Before installing your new Disappearing Stairway , contact your local Building Code Office to insure this product meets your local building codes . Please read and understand the following :
1 . This product is designed for residential use only . Failure to read and follow all directions-installation and / or usage , could result in serious personal or property damage . Installations that produce heavy usage or above normal stresses on this stair are not recommended . " See suggested weight capacity chart below ." Simple carpentry skills are required to install this stair , seek professional help if you do not possess these skills .
2 . After removing from carton , inspect stairway for damage , such as broken or split wood parts , or missing parts . If these are observed , return unit to your supplier for exchange .
3 . Do not disassemble stair to install . . . it is completely assembled .
4 . Make certain you read and follow all the installation instructions and warning labels , as these are designed to assist you in making a safe installation , extend the life of the stair and prevent personal injury .
5 . Only use 16d nails or 1 / 4 x 3 " lag screws through the spring arm pivot plates , the corner brackets at the main header hinge , the opposite frame member and both side lengths of frame . Holes are provided to secure stair in ceiling joists with the feet of the bottom section cut properly according to factory instructions . The use of sheet rock screws , deck screws , or finish nails are prohibited , which can cause the stairway to suddenly fall from the opening possibly causing serious bodily injury .
6 . Our stairways are manufactured for five maximum ceiling heights : 8 ' 5 ", 8 ' 9 ”, 9 ’ 3 ”, 10 ' 0 ” and 10 ’ 6 ”. All units require cutting off the bottom section to fit the floor *. Be sure to select proper unit for your ceiling height .
7 . After cutting off bottom section to fit the floor , have bottom and inspect the side rails to make certain there are no gaps between the hinged sections . All three sections should form a straight line . ( See Figure 9 for correct stair alignment .)*
8 . The coil springs at the top of the stair are under extreme pressure and should never be removed unless absolutely necessary , and then with extreme caution in removing and replacing spring ; do this with the stair in the closed position , as there is less tension on the springs . During life of stair , periodic checks should be made of all wood and metal parts for wear and possible tightening . Spring arms , section hinges and all riveted metal joints should be lubricated periodically for easier operation and longer life . If for any reason any of the wood , metal , or other components of the stairway show signs of excessive wear or looseness , they should be replaced .
9 . Face the stair when going up or down – use handrail at all times . Close when you are through using it . Caution : handrail is for maintaining user ' s balance only and is not load bearing . Failure to return stairway sections back to their full closed position before closing door panel may result in damage to stairway and / or severe personal injury . Do not use the pull cord to swing the door panel upward when closing . Do not leave stair unattended when children are present .
10 . Due to the distance between the operator ' s personal height and the room ' s ceiling height and the weight of the stairway , it is possible that some persons may experience difficulty in raising and lowering the attic stairway . It is recommended that all persons obtain assistance from another person in stairway raising and lowering activities so any such difficulty is safely remedied .
11 . Do not use the stair if it is damaged in any way . Any damage , gaps or defections should be corrected . ( Consult factory or local dealer for replacement parts or unit ). Failure to follow instruction or warnings can lead to sudden stairway collapse and severe personal injury .
* Aluminum Model 800 will not require cutting
Suggested weight capacity : Model 444 = 250 lbs .; Model 544 = 250 lbs .; Model 655 = 300 lbs .; Model 800 = 350lbs .; Bessler Space Saver = 350 lbs .
Keep all nuts & bolts tight !!! For residential use only !!!